"Your challenge has changed my life."

~ James

Before we can talk about building wealth we have to master the foundation to getting our money together. We must get past our day-to-day, month-to-month habits and really look at our financial future.  

How do you do this? Well, take a real look at where you are, set goals for where you want to be and GO AFTER IT LIKE CRAZY! 

Think about it - you get up and go to work everyday; you should be able to enjoy  your $$$$ right? You deserve to be able to go on the trips you dream of, buy what you want... maybe all you really want is to live comfortably, that's not too much to ask right? 

NOPE, IT'S NOT, but we all know that often it just doesn’t work out that way. Sometimes the cookie just doesn't crumble the way we want! 

WHY NOT? Well, take your pick…. 

  • You make good $$, but can’t seem to buy anything for yourself
  • You dreamed of awesome travel but can’t seem to save enough $$$
  • You love your mate but your money personalities are so different, you can’t get on the same page
  • Stuff just keeps coming up that eats up your extra cash: unexpected bills, the car, the house, the family, … eh…
  • Having enough money isn’t your issue, but you want to develop a solid plan for knowing where it’s going
  • You don’t really understand money stuff – saving, investing, being debt free – you wonder where to get started……

You could add any scenario here really – whatever it is that is keeping you from living the financial life you want! 


If you are ready to change what you SAY and DO with your MONEY... then you are ready to 



  • Be able to go on vacation debt free!
  • Know where your money is going each month! 
  • Get out of debt! 
  • Increase your credit score! 
  • Save more money and build real wealth! 
  • It's time to LIVE, LIVE, LIVE and not WORRY about money! 

Here's what you'll learn:

It's Time To Do The Math

Week 1: Let’s Get It Started! 
That’s right good people, it’s time to do the math. Let’s plug and play those numbers to see where you are spending, why you are spending… the good, the bad, the ugly! 

Week 2: Get Your Money Up!
Let’s talk about increasing your income and creative ways to make it happen.  There are a lot of options – even for people on fixed incomes who need something they can do at home!

Let's Stack Some Cash!

Week 3: Operation Save! 
Don’t think you have enough money to save? You do, we will outline the HOW! Saving, but not as much as you want? No worries, we’ll show you how to accelerate your saving without having to think about it!

Dump Your Debt & Fix your FICO!

Week 4:  Don’t Manage Your Debt – Get Rid of It!  
The title says it all, we are slaying that debt dragon, while still being able to live! 

Week 5:  Improving Your Credit
 You don’t need anyone else to fix your credit but the person on the other end of that selfie! You my friend will be empowered to be your own credit counselor!

Creating a Financial Legacy!

Week 6:  Family & Money
Everyone sigh… touchy subject, all kinds of family history, guilt, enabling comes into play. We will break it all down in addition to giving you strategies to help those family members who are doing positive things and need a leg up.  

Week 7: Life Insurance.. 
What type do you need, how much do you need when do you need it? Does everyone REALLY need life insurance?

The Future Looks Bright….

Week 8:  Rock Your  Financial Life Plan 
What do you ‘see’ and what are you willing to do to reach your goals? What do you think about your money that is propelling or holding you back? We plan for a lot of things: careers, family stuff - but rarely do we plan our finances beyond the current day, week, month. When you create a financial life plan that sets goals for 1, 3, 5, 10+ years, you are able to stay focused and create a financial legacy for your kids and their kids!

Hey There! I'm Dorethia Kelly!

I'm an author and financial expert who is serious about helping people just like you and me successfully manage their money – knock out debt, save more, invest. All of us need to create a plan for their financial lives. See, I didn't know anything about money management, no one in my family really talked about it.

I grew up living paycheck to paycheck and as a single mom, knew I didn't want that any more for my family. I started reading, studying personal finance and initially thought financial advising was the route, so I pursued an investing career after going to college. I quickly realized that parents can’t really live on commission only checks and chose a steady corporate finance position. I still wanted to pursue my passion, so I began teaching money management free at community events and my church. I studied personal finance, other experts for several years, getting my own finances on track, before I started my own business as a personal finance and business coach.
#MoneyChat is about what we SAY and DO with our money. It's our everyday money conversations, good or bad. We want to tilt the conversations to more of the good = changing financial lives!

I understand where you are - that’s why I created this challenge – giving you real deal help on the money topics that are important to you!  I can't wait to hear how you ROCK IT OUT

Connect with me online at @DorethiaKelly and themoneychat.com